Webinar: How to Create Cash Flow with Short Term Rental Strategies

Event Location

Virtual Webinar

Event Date
Jun 1, 2023
Start Time
10:00 AM HST

How to Create Cash Flow with Short Term Rental Strategies

Part of the Wealth Revolution Webinar Series

We're going to answer these questions and way more …

  • How to determine the right location to invest in short term rentals  
  • How to set yourself apart in the short-term rental market to gain an edge on competition
  • How tax and depreciation work for short-term rentals
  • The importance of choosing the right property manager
  • Why researching local regulations on short-term rentals is a must

The #1 Wealth Building Webinar Series… Period 

Thursday, June 1, 2023 | 10am HST, 1pm PT, 4pm ET

Without the right financial education - "you might as well be gambling" - Kim Kiyosaki

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Meet the Experts

Zach Lemaster
Founder and CEO, Rent to Retirement
Zach Lemaster is the founder & CEO of Rent to Retirement. Zach is a seasoned real estate investor that has accumulated a large portfolio of rental properties across multiple markets including single family, multifamily, commercial and new construction. Zach is a licensed Optometrist who practices on a volunteer basis. He is passionate about educating others on the numerous benefits of real estate investing, and how to use real estate as a means to create the lifestyle each person desires for their family.
Chris Souza
COO, Tardus Wealth Strategies
Chris Souza is the Chief Operations Officer at Tardus. Chris has more than a decade of experience in finance and sales for multi-million dollar corporations. Once him and his wife achieved financial freedom through real estate investing, he left the corporate world to help her grow Tardus, chasing their passions of helping others achieve the same freedom they did. Chris parlayed his expertise into helping build the Tardus brand into a world-wide leader in financial coaching.

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