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April 14, 2021

How You Can Save MORE Money Through The Income Snowball Strategy

Our friends Heather and Ron over at RP Capital had us on their Podcast, "Get Real"

"A refreshing look at the good, the bad… and the crazy challenges business owners face while building a profitable business and a beautiful life. Real estate investing power-preneur Ron Phillips pulls back the curtain, cuts through the hype – and helps you Get Real about success."

From their website:

Chris Souza is Tardus' Chief Operations Officer, and he has over a decade of finance and sales experience for multi-million dollar corporations. Tanisha Souza, on the other hand, is Tardus' Chief Wealth Coach, and she is a former attorney and the creator of the patented Income Snowball System.

They are the owners of Tardus Wealth Strategies, a coaching firm with a patent and a calculator to assist and guide their clients, of which Heather is also a client.

This episode explains a cool and unique business strategy that incorporates real estate but also other types of investments and allows their clients to use the calculator to see how long it will take them to retire by making short-term or long-term investments, and how much money you can save.


  • Chris and Tanisha Souza’s Background and How Heather Marchant Met Them
  • The Income Snowball Strategy and How it Works
  • Computing using the Calculator and Applying it in Real Estate
  • Fast Burning Fuel or Short-Term Amortized Investments
  • The Shortcut to Retirement and Achieve Financial Freedom
  • Why Does Real Estate Work Well with Fast Burning Fuel?
  • How Consistency Makes It Work
  • Ideal People That Could Work with the Income Snowball Concept


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