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Lindsie McBride, mba

Lindsie McBride is our Marketing and Events Specialist. Lindsie brings experience in marketing and a background in events and hospitality leadership. She holds an MBA in International Business and a Bachelor’s in Event Management. Her passion lies in creating exceptional experiences, which she focuses on bringing to our clients.


3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom


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3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

PLUS 6 Instant Cash Flow Tricks & Bonus  Foreclosure Saving Tips by Tanisha Souza, Esq.
Get started on your journey to freedom, today.  
I have felt extremely compelled to do my part  in sharing the knowledge that I’ve learned and leveraged for my own financial situation with as  many people as possible. It is with this in mind that I have put together this book to share with you 3 of  the easiest ways to become financially free. And I don’t mean JUST paying off  debt, although that’s  certainly a big part of such freedom. I mean truly  becoming financially free to the point where  work becomes optional with income that supports the lifestyle you desire and deserve!

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