Lindsie McBride, mba

Lindsie McBride is our Marketing and Events Specialist. Lindsie brings experience in marketing and a background in events and hospitality leadership. She holds an MBA in International Business and a Bachelor’s in Event Management. Her passion lies in creating exceptional experiences, which she focuses on bringing to our clients.


The Missing Ingredient to Lasting Financial Success

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64% of adults say that money is the biggest source of stress in their lives.

We have helped over 7,000 families eliminate this stress in our 20 years in business.

What is Wealth Coaching?

The difference between Tardus and other financial advice you've heard? The others want to manage the wealth you've already built, but we want to help you build it in the first place.

Wealth Coaching focuses on education to help you become a better investor. We teach sound investment strategy with proven systems so that you can make your own decisions and take control of your finances. Your Wealth Coach is your unbiased guide to help you create the best path for you.

Everything your coach can help you with?

Creating multiple income streams
Investing Education
Retirement Planning
Getting out of debt
Handling money in relationships
Tax strategies and estate planning
Funding your small business or side hustle
Finding time freedom to chase your passions
Preparing for a big expense
Creating generational wealth - and more!

Why Tardus?

How does it work?

The process is simple. We take a personalized approach. Your coach will work with you to evaluate your current situation, and your goals. We will put together a custom plan to help you reach those goals, complete with the date that you'll accomplish them! Then, your coach will walk you through implementing this plan, step by step.


Define your Goals

Get to know your wealth coach over a quick call, they will collect some information and ask you about your goals and dreams.


Create a Plan

Your coach will present your personalized plan and review what it will take to get there, complete with the exact date you can accomplish your goals (usually within 5-10 years!)


Dedicated Wealth Coaching

Meet with your coach every month, to check in on your progress and raise your financial IQ.


Trust the process

You will see new income within 45 days of working with us. Soon after that, you'll tick off more milestones as you go along.


Crush your goals

You might be surprised that once you accomplish the goal you came to us with, you've discovered possibilites you never even thought of, and have bigger goals to chase. The opportunities are endless!

We have been clients of Tardus for some time. Tardus takes time to educate their clients and assist them in reaching their financial goals in a real and tangible way. We have accomplished far beyond what we even considered using Tardus as our financial coach. Don't miss out on your opportunity to reach your financial goals and beyond.

Tonja Lessley

All that I can say is that becoming a client was THE best decision that I ever made. I cringe at the thought of where I would be today had I not joined Tardus.  I am able to rely on my Tardus generated cash flow to cover my expenses while our restaurant is waiting to reopen due to the COVID pandemic. With investment strategies tailored towards my specific goals and a clear path to my financial freedom date, I can truly say that I sleep much better at night.

Lisa Arakaki

Since I joined Tardus, I've paid off $15,000 in car and credit card debt and I have about $26,000 in investments generating $850 per month. I'm also looking into buying my first rental property. I think everyone who isn't already financially free could use Tardus.  I've been telling everyone about Tardus from family, friends, coworkers, and even a few strangers I just met.

Paul Whisler

We've been with Tardus for over 6 months and are seeing great results. The strategy is brilliant and easy to follow. The coaching and personal attention are excellent. We feel valued and respected. The coaches are genuinely interested in our success. And bottom line--we are building passive income and seeing results.

Jeffrey King


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