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Lindsie McBride, mba

Lindsie McBride is our Marketing and Events Specialist. Lindsie brings experience in marketing and a background in events and hospitality leadership. She holds an MBA in International Business and a Bachelor’s in Event Management. Her passion lies in creating exceptional experiences, which she focuses on bringing to our clients.


Investment Mini Course


online mini course

How to Create a Six-Figure Investment Income

Without getting into debt...Even if you have no savings

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The Results speak for themselves...

These are some of the results thousands of Tardus clients have experienced

  • Create thousands of dollars in monthly investment income that grows exponentially*
  • Use systems that put their investing on auto-pilot
  • Build monthly passive investment income to compensate for a job loss or extra expense
  • Use additional income from investments to eliminate debt simultaneously
  • Build passive investment income until it surpasses living expenses and become financially independent

"Just wanted to tell you I love, love, loved your course! It was EASY to understand. If this doesn't convince people this is the way to wealth then they aren't really interested! It has worked for me in such a relatively short time."

- Chris R. (Honolulu, HI)

"Wow! I am really impressed. I thought I knew a lot about personal finances and investing and now I know I'm just scratching the surface."

- Janice M. (Nashville, TN)

"This was AMAZING. I only wish this was the first thing I saw before investing. It's foundational."

- Keith L. (Honolulu, HI)

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