How to Scale Your Training Business During a Global Pandemic

December 11, 2020

How to Scale Your Training Business During a Global Pandemic

This article was originally posted by Billy Mike on MyQuest, 12/8/2020.

When COVID-19 hit, Tardus was initially, like everyone else, worried about the impact that it might have on their business. However, instead of hindering them, this pandemic has given them opportunity. This opportunity has warranted a pivot in their strategies – making continuous evolution and technology forward practices an even more pressing matter.

Tardus Wealth Strategies is an international wealth-coaching company. Through one-on-one coaching they help their clients create a predictable system for using income producing financial products and services to partner with their patented Income Snowball system.

Tardus’ unique strategies help people navigate uncertain economic environments, including people whose incomes were at risk or reduced as an effect of COVID-19. Tardus teaches them to utilize momentum income stacking to create predictable, recurring monthly income easily and safely. The demand for their services skyrocketed after COVID-19 and they saw an immediate need to scale their business to be able to support the growth.

Scaling While Maintaining Engagement, Completion, & Knowledge Levels

The problem Tardus faced then, was of an influx of prospective clients that they wouldn’t have been able to support with the resources they had at the time. They needed to ramp up hiring and training, and required a system that didn’t put undue burden on management. It was very important to them not to sacrifice the integrity of their training processes in order to accommodate this process. They needed to be able to scale while still maintaining the engagement, completion, and knowledge levels within their training programs. In fact, they needed to do it better than they had before.

Since Tardus is headquartered in Honolulu, with financial coaches across the country, they also had to be able to provide a personalized coaching program for each person, wherever they might be. They needed to be able to keep engagement high, and for their program to be scalable as they grow and improve their curriculums.

Using myQuest, Tardus has been able to maintain training effectiveness in these challenging times. They are now able to train people more effectively, and in less time. Before using myQuest, it used to take them nearly a month to get new financial coaches onboarded and trained. Now, it only takes about a week! myQuest gave Tardus the tools to quickly onboard 8 critical new team members this year.

The action-based learning, feedback and triggers that are all a part of the myQuest platform have impacted the job readiness of Tardus’ new coaches as well. By feeling more fulfilled by their training, they are ready to hit the ground running and generate sales more quickly. Tardus’ clients are thrilled with the results.

Getting Team Members Up to Speed

In addition to onboarding new financial coaches, Tardus has also used myQuest to help get existing team members up to speed on new processes and changes to the current curriculum. This has enabled Tardus to update and monitor the progress of implementation in a structured way.

Tardus’ clients have always gotten good results, but now they see them faster due to the education Tardus has been able to provide them through myQuest. Tardus has been able to scale quickly, and with better results for their coaches and clients.

Tardus anticipates it will continue to grow, and myQuest will be the vehicle that enables them.

If you are interested in learning more about how Tardus has helped people create sustainable investment income they could depend on during COVID, Tardus would like to offer myQuest readers their Crisis Proof Package for free. Click here to claim.

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